Matsu Safety has been in operation for number of years helping business ensure they are safe at all times in a number of different situations. Safety is not only a important part of your business that can ensure your business keeps happy clients but it also an aspect that is a legal promise you make to your staff and any customers that may visit your business premises.

Some areas that are obvious and important are that of fire safety. What are some things that need to be outlined clearly so that your business can run efficiently with regards to fire safety. Well firstly it will be important for all your staff to understand what the fire exit plan is and where the meeting point is. This will ensure that all staff can be accounted for when the building is evacuated. To add to this it is important that a up to date register is keep of anyone that is on the business premises. This register should be keep in a safe and easy to access place that can be picked up easily when the building is evacuated so that you can tick off or mark off who is there. You may think you know all your staff but what if there is visitors on site at the time of the fire? Or what if in the moment you struggle to think properly and therefore can’t remember all the people and their names? You can really start to see the picture now building.

There is a number of ways to solve this. One way would be to get a system in place that can either electronic software system or a paper based system that can be easily accessed at a moment. It is important for all your staff therefore to have ID cards so they are clearly identified. These can be obtained a number of different ways. A company I’ve worked closely with for a few years is Lesar, there website is called . They offer a few different ways to get your ID cards and printed lanyards with Lesar one is by purchasing a ID card printer or secondly to get some bespoke ID cards printed and designed by the Lesar staff. They will help you with the design and then advice the best amount to buy for the amount of the money to ensure you get the most for your money.

A ID card printer is great though and is my preferred method. As this means you can literally print an ID card on demand if any of your staff lose or need to replace there ID card at any moment. The costs are not terrible and the costs of the consumables are very reasonable. Getting an ID card also minimizes any security issues. In large office buildings this can be a big problem. If you have 100 plus staff it is not always easy to know who is your actual staff and not. Therefore it is important that they wear there id badges at all times.

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